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Smart Tweezers LCR-meter, the Latest in the Family: LCR-Reader

Smart Tweezers LCR and ESR meter

The "Budget" Alternative to Smart Tweezers LCR-meters

Updated Smart Tweezers; same great functionality with a lower price, lighter weight and sleeker look

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SMD Multimeter Test TweezersSMD Multimeter Test Tweezers connected to a multimeter

Siborg has begun offering a new device for multimeters: the SMD Multimeter Test Tweezers.
The SMD Multimeter Test Tweezers are able to plug into most multimeters and allow the user to use the tweezers as probes instead of the long wire leads. Wire leads can make measuring SMT difficult, especially on crowded PCBs, and does not allow a free hand for taking notes or other tasks. The tweezer probes are able to reach and gain a full grasp on components, mounted or loose.
SMD Multimeter Test Tweezers are able to measure components to a 0402 size (metric code 1005). The red and black arms of the device help determing polarity. SMD Multimeter Test Tweezers are best for jobs that do not require high accuracy due to their parasitics. These parasitics are shown in the table below.
test tweezerstweezer tipstweezer plugstips testingtweezers holding component


Size 168mm x 30mm
Cable Length 400mm
Weight 47 g
Colour Black and Red
Advantages: Low-cost alternative to tweezer-type LCR-meters Fits most multimeters Tips reach components to a 0402 size (metric
Parasitics: Wires have a parastic resistance of 0.3 Ohms Inductance offset: 1 mH Parasitic Capacitance: 30 pF