Smart LED Test Tweezers

LED Test Tweezers

Test LEDs, switches, fuses, and circuitry quickly with just a touch

Smart Tweezers ManualSmart LED Test Tweezers Manual

Simplified Component Testing

Smart LED Test Tweezers from Siborg Systems Inc. are a multifunction tester for LEDs, SMT, and other small component testing.

This device uses sharp gold-plated phosphor bronze tweezer tips to gain full grasp on small components either mounted or loose. With focus on testing LEDs, the device has an output of 12VDC with adjustable currents of 20mA, 10mA, and 5mA. The device is also able to test for shorts in circuitry, fuses, wire connections, and SMDs when connected to a multimeter using the included connection cable; when connected, the Smart LED Test Tweezers can act as the probes for an LCR-meter. Polarity is easily determined with colour coded arms; red for anode (+) and grey for cathode (-).

The device has a ring light that is illuminated when the device is in contact with a component, with an internal buzzer that can be set to sound.

Smart LED Test Tweezers only weight 50 grams and are 15cm long; they are perfect for professionals looking for an easy-to-use device to take into the field. LED Test Tweezers being used with an LCR-meter

FeaturesLED Test Tweezer Features

everything included with LED Test Tweezers
Product Specifications
Battery:23AE 12V
  1. LCR-meter connector cable
  2. Battery
  3. Bag
  4. Tweezer Cap
LED Testing:12VDC Output
20mA, 10mA, 5mA Adjustable current rating