Smart Tweezers ST5S-BT2: Smart Tweezers with Bluetooth Functionality

Bluetooth Enabled Smart Tweezers Remotely Records Measurement Results in Real-Time

Bluetooth enabled Smart Tweezers allows data to be sent remotely

Smart Tweezers ST5S-BT2 offers the same features and functions as the ST-5S model, that preforms all measurements with a 0.2% basic accuracy with the added ability to remotely record all measurement values and send specific measurement settings to the device. When connected, the device opens a virtual serial port that can send measurement data to communication software like Native Instrument's LabView®.

Tera Term accepting data from Smart Tweezers Bluetooth The device connects using either the USB receiver stick (required for connection to computer) or to dedicated apps on Android and iOS. The measurement data is sent using a comma separated string of values that represents what is shown on the Smart Tweezers' display at the time of measurement. An example of this string: C1.398nF,R3.461kR,10kHz,0.5,S,,,,;. This string is explained as main impedance value (Capacitor 1.398nF), secondary value type (Resistor 3.461kR, test frequency (10kHz), test signal level (0.5), measurement mode (S for serial), and 4 reserved values.

Depending on the software used to receive the data, the data can be saved into a file for later review or a database to be processed later.

For connections to computer, the USB receiver stick must be used, especially for use with NI LabView®. The device alone can connect to the mobile apps without the receiver stick.

Like the ST-5S model, the ST5S-BT2 offers the same overall experience with high accuracy and numerous features. The gold-plated tweezers are able to grasp components on a PCB or loose and determine the best test parameters before measuring with instantaneous results.

Connecting to Smart Tweezers ST5S-BT2

Note: For use with computers, the Bluetooth receiver stick is necessary.

Microsoft Window's Smart Tweezers Bluetooth Utility

Smart Tweezers Bluetooth can be connected with Windows 7/8/10 using the Smart Tweezers Bluetooth Companion. This Bluetooth Utility allows the Smart Tweezers device to send and receive information. It is able to save custom profiles with specific settings using either previous measurements or custom set measurements. Users can also save specific settings such as test signal level that can be relayed instantly to the device when using that profile.
When measuring a component using a profile, the program will automatically determine a pass or fail if the component does not adhere to the set parameters.
The program can export data into Excel-compatible .cvs files or it can be copied an pasted into a text file.
Siborg has created a new manual for Window's Bluetooth Companion
NI labview display
NI labview display

National Instruments LabView ®

NI labview display
Bluetooth enabled Smart Tweezers is able to connect using National Instruments' LabView®. The driver is supported and certified by National Institute and is seamlessly integrated in the programs environment. LabView is able to log data, create databases and process data for visualizations.
labview driver
labview driver

Dedicated Apps for Mobile Devices

There are dedicated Apps for Android and iOS devices that are compatible with smartphones and tablets. These programs can be found in their respective appstores.

Custom Applications

Smart Tweezers BT is able to connect to custom-made programs. The receiver is based on a FTDI bridge and creates a virtual RS232 serial port for connection.

Smart Tweezers ST5S-BT Features

Technical Specifications

Typical Accuracy

Measurement Range:

Bluetooth receiver stick

The Smart Tweezers ST5S-BT2 is available in the LCR-Reader Store. Siborg has created two options for the device; one with the Bluetooth receiver stick and the other without.
Please note when purchasing: the receiver stick is needed for computers to receive the data. Some communication software requires the receiver stick, including NI LabView®